Transaction Coordination

Our highly efficient and capable team of transaction coordinators handle up to 90% of all closing tasks, freeing you from the tedious, overwhelming work and stacks of papers. We take on a wide variety of responsibilities that allow you to focus on your priorities and help you grow your business.

Our TCs

  • Helps you save up to 16 hours per transaction

  • Handled 90% of closing tasks

  • Send electronic documents using DocuSign

  • Liaison between all parties

  • Saving you valuable time so you can focus on your business

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PS: Top 5 paperwork needed to complete a deal.

1 Purchase Contract

2 Assignment of Purchase

3 Addendum

4 Memorandum of Contract

5 Authorization Release Form

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What is Transaction Coordination?

While all companies operate individually and have their own practices, we at Anchor Light Properties consider Transaction Coordination the practice of getting a deal to the closing with the proper understanding of paperwork and communication with all parties that are involved. What we are not, are attorneys or CPAs and can’t tell you what to do.  We will coordinate whatever you decide to do and get it to the closing table.

What types of deals we coordinate?

We have closed real estate transactions noncreative and creative.  We have done subject to, cash, assignments, conventional, seller financing, wraps, and private money lending. 

What states do we work in?

As of right now we haven’t closed in every state, but very capable to do so. 

Can you prepare a contract for our seller to sign?

Yes and no.  We are happy to send a contract via DocuSign if all the information is provided, but if you have an attorney, they should prepare a Purchase and Sales Agreement for you.  If there’s an agent involved, they should provide a Realtor Sales Agreement.  In either case, we can provide you with a non-realtor contract, but we charge a non-refundable fee if it’s rejected by any party.

Do you file a memorandum/notice of sale?

Yes, if the county allows it, and they also accept e-file.

What paperwork is required to complete a Transaction?

Each deal is like a snowflake which needs different paperwork.  Contact us and we let you know which paperwork you will need.

How do I contact a TC?

You can either book a consultation with us or email us at

Do you process loan modifications?

Yes, only if we determine we can have a successful loan modification. Book a consultation with us to determine if you or your client qualifies.

How fast can we get your transaction to the closing table?

It all depends on your deal, but usually it takes 14 to 30 days.

Do you speak Spanish?

Yes, we have several TCs that speaks frequently in Spanish.

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