When Good Renovations Go Bad

September 12, 20222 min read

"When Good Renovations Go Bad"- Priscilla Marquez

It seems sensible to believe that if you fix up your place, perhaps by adding a bit more counter space in the kitchen or another bathroom, you would be able to sell your home for more than you paid for it. In most circumstances, you'd be correct. However, according to a recent Remodeling Magazine survey, there are some modifications that might potentially cost you money and reduce the value of your home.

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The backyard pool is one of the most visible indicators that you've "made it" in today's world. Perhaps no other home renovation shouts to the world like a pool that you've reached a comfortable degree of financial security. Not everyone, though, feels the same way. According to studies conducted in Florida and Arizona, having a pool is still an important factor in increasing the value of your home. But what about the rest of America? What about places where it isn't always warm? It turns out that a pool can work against you in four-season areas of the country. The primary deterrents are the costs of maintenance and insurance. But there is one more deterrent. Many new parents are concerned about the risks of raising young children in a home with a pool. Many people are terrified of drowning accidents, and the presence of a pool can put off a first-time home buyer.

When remodeling, be cautious of being overly trendy. A crucial aspect to remember is that while you may believe a unique touch is interesting and trendy, the people who come to look at your home may not. While most remodel elements can be adjusted, you may have a difficult time convincing a prospective buyer to do so. If you aren't certain that the house you live in will not be the one you die in, try to keep any remodeling touches neutral so that if the time comes to sell, you won't be sorry.

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The Jacuzzi tub is a final risk to avoid. While you may have the leisure to relax in a hot tub for an hour every day, most individuals do not and will not use one. A sophisticated shower system would be preferable to a large, fancy bathtub.

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