How to Unpack without Exploding

September 29, 20223 min read

"How to Unpack without Exploding"  - Priscilla Marquez

One of the most overlooked aspects of relocating is the fact that physically transporting your stuff from one location to another is only one-half of the deal. You still need to be able to locate everything and put it back where it belongs after you move your boxes, mattress, and workstation to their ultimate location. When inspecting your home, it is generally a good idea to at least double your most liberal estimate, regardless of how many boxes you believe you have. Also, keep in mind that you must unpack every box you pack.

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The US Census reports that 14% of all American households moved last year. Approximately 40 million people would change addresses as a result.

Most of us methodically and painstakingly organize, wrap, and pack all of our stuff over the course of weeks or even months. We argue with our real estate agent for months while searching for properties, and we spend days crossing our fingers that we find the home of our dreams.

But what happens after you finally get your ideal home? You spent so much time preparing everything, only to give yourself....


to transport everything. Yes, it's pretty much as absurd as it sounds. But do not worry; there are some sensible suggestions to prevent your skull from blowing up. If you have the funds, there are a number of companies that will assist you with packing everything, and when the movers finish their work, they will practically unpack everything. Even the boxes will be removed by them when they leave. They'll hang pictures, put the bed's linens on, and place your toothbrush in the bathroom. Even the computer will be set up and running by them.

However, as you can probably guess, these services aren't cheap. Here is some helpful advice for DIYers if they aren't in your budget.

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· Transparent materials are your friends. Avoid using opaque brown cardboard boxes and make an effort to utilize as much transparent packaging as you can. Anything you can think of that is clear and has a huge capacity to hold a lot of stuff, including clear plastic bins and Ziploc bags for small items.

· A list of lists. Make a list of what belongs in each and every box so that you can easily locate box 91 when you need your first cup of coffee on the first morning you spend in your stunning new house.

· Before you move in, turn on the utilities. If you have kids, this is extremely vital. Moving is traumatic enough for adults, so it's helpful to be able to put the kids in front of Dora the Explorer for a while as you try to recuperate from tiredness when little Johnny is having his world change.

Even though there is no true way to prepare for the emotional and physical stress of moving day, being organized and using a few common sense precautions will assist things from getting out of hand.

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